Power Sweeping Brushes



Power Sweeping Brushes are a great brush for sweeping flues with power sweeping.

Power sweeping with a Power Sweeping Brush really helps to shift the sturbun creosote and gives a high clean finish to any flue.

Our Power Sweeping Brush can be used on flexible flue liners & all flues

Our Brushes are made from durable material

Brush Selection Select the size of brush for the flue you want to clean eg a 6″ flue select a 6″ from the drop down box, our brushes are made over size

Brushes come with a 1/2″ whit brass fitting & Guide ball

To be used with Semi Pro and Double Lock & Big Button Lock power sweeping kits.

For semi Pro no adaptor is needed

For Double Lock use you brush adaptor in your kit, please contact use for a adaptor or if you like the brush permanently fitted to the adaptor & same for Big Button Lock.

We recommend (as with all power sweeping products ) to run a static brush up the flue before commencing with power sweeping to check that the flue is not damaged or blocked in anyway.

Additional information

Mole Brush Size

4" (made to 120mm), 5" (made to 145mm), 6" (made to 172mm), 7" (made to 195mm), 8" (made to 228mm), 9" (made to 254mm)